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Mira Sorvino bio
Mira Sorvino started acting at an early age because of the influence of her famed father who was also in the show business. But young Mira didn't want to pursue the show business path, so she finished her high school. Fortunately enough, this studious woman was admitted in Harvard. On the other hand, fate seemed to nail Mira to the acting world, which led her to join a TV show as requested by her father. Humble and naive as she was, Mira resisted to accept big offers that were related to her dad's big name in the industry. She started from the very bottom as one of Robert De Niro's production assistants. She then starred in "Amongst Friends" while she worked as a casting director for Rob Weiss. Later, her efforts in working her way up in Hollywood paid off. She eventually bagged the right roles and gained the approval of critics. This inspiring actress soon won her first best actress award for her famous role in "Mighty Aphrodite," a film by renowned Robert Redford.

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