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Mischa Barton bio
Born on the 24th of January 1986 and raised in New York, Mischa Anne Barton is among the well-known actors and models today. Mischa's acting career began when she attended a camp where she was discovered for her unbelievable talent. Having a Russian coach and taking on a film that required a Russian-speaking girl, Mischa got a role in "Slav!" As young as 8-year-old, Mischa's talent brought her to several theater plays including "Where the Truth Lies" and "Twelve Dreams." Not long after, she was able to land a permanent role in "All My Children." As she was turning into a teenager, Mischa became busy with modeling and was already posing for Vogue, Calvin Klein, and Gitano. She was well acclaimed for her acting in movies like "Pups," "Notting Hill," and "Sixth Sense." Mischa also ventured in soaps, with her best soaps including "Once and Again," "Octane," and the much-anticipated drama, "The O.C." Currently, she is embarking on a tie-up with Neutrogena for an ad.

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