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Misty Mundae bio
Misty Mundae, also known as Erin Brown, is an American film actress, filmmaker, and a model. She was born on October 16, 1979 and first starred in several soft porn movies. She was an active adult film actress from the late nineties to 2002. Brown was known for numerous horror erotic movies, in which she starred in, directed, and produced. After 2002, she landed major roles in feature films like “The Rage” (2006), “All Along” (2007), and “Dying God” (2007). Dying God was Brown’s very last movie as an actress under the name Erin Brown. In the past, she has guest starred in a number of television series and independent movies. Last 2008, Pop Cinema announced the release of Misty Mundae’s “An Erotic Werewolf in London” to celebrate the fame and works of Erin Brown. The flim Sculpture was also released in 2008, starring Misty Mundae. Brown is now starring as Stephanie in “Lingerie”, a Cinemax television show.

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