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Molly Ringwald bio
Molly Ringwald, a popular singer, dancer, and actress was born on February 18, 1968 in California. A daughter of a famed blind jazz artist, this pretty chick experienced her rise to popularity during the 1980s, thanks to some of her great projects including "Pretty in Pink" as well as "The Breakfast Club." On TV, she also landed spots in "The Facts of Life," "Different Strokes," and "Little Darlings." Apart from appearing in films and TV shows, Molly proved her potential in singing. In fact, she had singing projects for Walt Disney soundtracks. Rumors had it that she was supposed to play Demi Moore's famous role in "Ghost" and Julia Roberts' character in "Pretty Woman." But apparently, Molly turned down these major offers due to her busy schedule for other movie projects. Later in her career, Molly made appearances in popular flicks like "Since You've Been Gone" and "Not Another Teen Movie."

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