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Molly Sims bio
Though she was taking up law in college, Molly Sims was convinced by a friend to pose and send out pictures for top modeling agencies. That incident led to Molly being signed up by NEXT model agency as one of their best models. Her first projects included Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue magazines---all in American and French languages. With the success of her magazine shoots, she became the top endorser for brands like Channel, Armani, Maidenform, and Nautica. Since Molly was known to be a good swimsuit model, she became addicted to different water sports particularly scuba and swimming. In 2004, Molly tried venturing into acting, but landed a hosting job for the highly acclaimed show of MTV International, "House of Style." She was later taken by a TV show, "Las Vegas," and became part of the main cast. Today, Molly is busy with her different summer and sports magazine projects. (AC) Currently, Molly is keeping herself occupied by taking on print projects for sports and summer issues. But outside work, she is surely doing her Yoga sessions or playing with her dog at home.

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