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Naike Rivelli bio
Naike Rivelli, a well-known Italian actress, TV celebrity, and supermodel, is known as the daughter of the equally famous Italian personality, Ornella Muti. But despite her relation to a famous person, she is very open to the public regarding her tragic childhood including her tormented teenage days. She was known to be her mother's exact opposite, maybe because the press were always seeing her posing nude in magazines and blabbing about her sad childhood. However, it is not only her link to her mother and her stories that made her a talked-about topic. Recently, she was invited to Berlin’s Lola Award night and attended the closing event. She found a gentleman in his early forties and claims to have been attracted by the man. Little did she know that the man she was flirting with was a politician, who wanted to see her famous mother when he learned that Naike was the famous Ornella’s daughter. She apparently got mad at the politician for using her just to get in touch her famous mother.

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