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Naomi Watts bio
Naomi Watts grew up in Kent, England until she reached 8. When Naomi was 14, her family transferred to Australia because they taught it was a land where they can start again in life. While her family resided in down under, she attended several schools. She tried acting and even rode a taxi with Nicole Kidman since they were in the same class. Later on, she flew to the country of Japan to do some modeling and found herself a new passion in life. Some of her first gigs were starring in Australia's "Brides of Christ" and also "Home and Away." Afterwards, Naomi returned and was taken as part of "Tank Girl," an independent film project. Eventually, following her relatively smaller projects, she bagged major characters in hit films. She got her big break when she joined the cast of "Mulhulland Drive," a film that became a favorite subject of media. She also took on the lead character in "The Ring," an adaptation of a Japanese horror flick.

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