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Natalie Portman bio
Natalie Portman breaks away from the popular stream of young Hollywood celebrities who enjoy more publicity in getting into trouble. She's always been mature for her age and has been very prudent of her choices, especially when it comes to her roles. At such an early age, the already beautiful Natalie Portman was discovered by an agent for modeling. However, she decided to pursue acting instead. She's worked with acting giants like Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts but is more recognized for her stint as "Queen Amidala" in the "Star Wars" trilogy. She's known for turning down sex-inclined roles but was a great surprise in accepting the film project, "Closer" in 2004, which also earned her an Oscar nomination. Combine beauty, talent, and brains, and you've got Natalie Portman. She's always been an "A" student, dreamt of being a psychologist, and now earned a Harvard degree. Born on June 9, 1981 in Israel, she's the only child of an Israeli father, who's a fertility specialist and an American mother, who's also an artist.

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