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Natasha Henstridge bio
Even at an early age of 14, the alluring Natasha Henstridge apparently had bigger dreams than living in a trailer park in Canada. She then had to leave her parents and fly all the way to Paris just to be a model. With a very lovely figure, she struggled to find a spot in the competitive world of fashion. It all paid off when she was finally featured on the French Cosmopolitan that led to her appearances in different magazine covers. The 5'10" stunner is also known for her female leads in Hollywood sci-fi flicks. However, her weakness comes from choosing title roles. As such, Natasha Henstridge even had to regret turning down good offers for blockbuster hits like "MIB" and "Independence Day". Born on August 15, 1974, Natasha Henstridge was divorced from her almost one-year marriage with Damian Chapa and had a son named Asher Sky, with Liam Waite in 2001. She was once named as one of the sexiest celebrities with commercial ads for Oil of Olay, Old Spice, and Lady Stetson.

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