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Nicole Appleton bio
Nicole Marie Appleton is a pop singer and a member of All Saints. At the same time, Nicole is also known as a member Appleton, which also featured her equally talented sister Natalie. The band became literally highly successful, but broke up only five years ago. On the 7th of December, 1997 Nicole happened to meet Robbie Williams who was filming for "Top of the Pops". Eventually, the two talented singers found it easy to develop an intimate affair between them and Nicole fans seen this lady got engaged with Williams. Nicole got pregnant, but even if Williams expressed his keenness to be a father to the child, the circumstances compelled Nicole to make a sacrifice. Unfortunately, the recording company handling Nicole forced her to do an abortion -- an issue which is eventually denied by the London Records. Six years ago, Nicole started a relationship with Liam Gallagher, frontman of the group Oasis. She gave birth to their son, Gene Gallagher, while Liam recorded the song Songbird as a token for his love for Nicole.

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