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Olesya Rulin bio
Olesya Rulin is an American-based Russian singer, dancer, and actress who skyrocketed to fame when she joined the ensemble cast of the phenomenal teenage musical “High School Musical”, which was solely directed by world renowned Kenny Ortega. She was born on March 17, 1986 in Moscow, Russia. She spent her earliest years of childhood in Russia but would later on reside in the United States with her father. When she was still little, Rulin took up ballet dancing as a means to satisfy her hunger for performing. At age twelve, she participated in a local model search but was unable to win the title. Rulin spent her first few years of studying in Paris, engrossing herself to her fascination for the study of Economics. She eventually transferred to Utah and obtained her high school diploma from West Jordan High. Most people are not aware that Rulin has already starred in Disney films before High School Musical. She also had roles “Halloweentown High”, as well as “Hounded”.

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