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Ophelie Winter bio
Ophelie Winter, despite her surname, is one hell of a hot celebrity in France. The beautiful Ophelie is a talented and multifaceted artist who was born on the 20th of February, 1974 in Boulogne, France. His father, Mr. David Alexander Winter , was a celebrated '70s pop recording artist, whilst her mother is both a fashion model and an agent. With these parents, people can easily assume that she has artistry and creativity flowing in her blood. A born star, as other people aptly put it. Ophelie Winter is really determined that being a certified celebrity is in her genes that she even enrolled herself in a school in the United States to learn dancing, singing, and comedy. Ophelie has released four albums which are hits in France. As for the movies, she has nine blockbuster flicks on her belt. A spicy trivia: the world-renowned singer Prince wrote one of her songs.

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