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Ornella Muti bio
There is very little doubt that some of the most attractive women you'll ever find come from Italy. Ornella Muti, who started her career in Italian film as a teenager, is a prime example. Prior to a film career, Muti was respected and well-known as a young glamor model in Rome. The list of Italian films she has appeared in is impressive and most of them have reflected her stellar performances. However, she first earned fame outside of her homeland when she appeared as a guest character on "Flash Gordon," a UK-produced TV series. She is popular in France for her numerous pizza commercials. She has also appeared in the comedy film, "Oscar," playing the part of Sofia Provoline, alongside action star Sylvester Stallone. She hasn't appeared outside of Italian film much, but has been known to appear somewhat regularly at the Cannes film festival. Among her Italian film credits are "Come Home and Meet My Wife," "Il Sole nella pelle," and "Domani."

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