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Peta Wilson bio
Peta Wilson (born Peta Gia Wilson on November 18th, 1970) went around the modeling circuit first before becoming an established Hollywood actress. However, traces of her skills on stage have been eminent when her family migrated to a remote Papua New Guinea area where there were no TV or radio. She used to put up private shows then for her parents as a form of entertainment. Wilson was able to tour around Europe and Australia when she was discovered for a modeling career during her teens. Subsequently, she left for Hollywood and enrolled in an acting school in 1991. Five years later, she landed the "La Femme Nikita" role, besting 200 other hopefuls. "Nikita" is a television show that was a rip off of the Luc Besson film with the same title. A couple more of years later, Wilson snatched her first movie role in the blockbuster hit "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" costarring Sean Connery. She also made waves in the "Superman Returns" film as the NASA spokesperson Bobby Faye.

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