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Philippa Forrester bio
5'6" feet tall Philippa Forrester is a British television personality that has been credited for BBC's successful shows "Tomorrow's World", "The Heaven and Earth Show", "Barking Mad", "Robot Wars", and "Time Machine". Aside from her TV stints, Forrester also graced the pages of "FHM" magazine 1998, 1999, and 2000 editions, ranking 64, 42, and 71 respectively on the "100 Sexiest Women" of the world poll. Forrester was born in Hampshire, England on September 20, 1968. She has studied in Birmingham University and Birkbeck College where she earned her degrees in English and Ecology and Conservation. Her career in television started in 1994 when BBC tapped her to cohost Toby Anstis for "CBBC". Aside from hosting the previously stated shows, Forrester also keeps credit of appearing in Brass Eye's "2001 Paedophilia Special". On a personal note, Forrester is wife to Charlie Hamilton James, a wildlife producer and cameraman also for BBC, and is mother to three cute sons named Fred, Angus, and Arthur.

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