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Pixie Lott bio
Pixie Lott is an English actress, dancer, singer, and song writer. She was born as Victoria Louise Lott on January 12, 1991 in Bromley, London. It can be said that she was exposed to music ever since she was a little girl. At the age of five, Lott regularly attends worship services with her parents and started singing in their hometown’s local church school. She studied at Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts, further polishing her singing voice. As a singer and songwriter, Lott released her first album named “Mama Do” in 2009. Her first US single “Boys And Girls” was released on August 2010. Her albums and singles earned multiple awards and gave her more fame than she could only have dreamed of. Lott is known for her unique performance style. She has also appeared in various television shows like “X Factor” and movies like “Fred: The Movie”. Lott will be releasing another album, “Turn It Up” in 2011.

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