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Priscilla Barnes bio
Priscilla Barnes is an American television actress who is most popular for her role in “Three’s Company”. She was born on December 7, 1955 in New Jersey. Her childhood was mostly spent moving across several American military bases. Her family eventually resided oermanently in California. Barne obtained her high school diploma in Antelop Valley High School, and then moved to San Diego to work as a dancer, as well as a waitress. Her first big break came when she met Bob Hope while dancing at a fashion show. Hope asked her to join the 1973 “Walter Reed Army Medical Center”. Immediately after the performance, Barne moved to Los Angeles to pusue a Hollywood career. She briefly became a model and posed for Penthouse Magazine. She also appeared in the renowned James Bond film, “License To Kill”. Other notable performances include her roles in “Mallrats” and “The Devil’s Rejects”. She is married to Ted Monte.

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