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Rachel Nichols bio
Rachel Nichols is an American model and actress born on January 8, 1980 in Augusta, Maine. She is now noted for her role in the television series Alias with her role as CIA agent named Rachel Gibson. Rachel started her career as a model when she went to college in Colombia University to take up Psychology. She modeled and posed for Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess? while still studying. There were even times when she had to go all the way to Europe for her photo shoots while she studied in New York. In 2002, however, she decided to give acting a try. While still studying back in New York, Rachel was already taking up drama lessons to prepare her for the screen. She later appeared in small parts for Sex and The City in 1998. Eventually, she received her first big-screen role in Dumb and Dumberer as Jessica, a school-newspaper reporter. Despite being in the limelight, Rachel emphasizes the importance of studying to the youth today as she herself is a degree holder in math and economics.

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