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Rebecca Gayheart bio
Rebecca Gayheart was given the recognition as "The Noxzema Girl" in the 90s when her first break in television was a couple of Noxzema commercials aired in 1991. She later on starred in numerous television series and then moved on to films. Unfortunately, in 2001, an accident happened. She was using her phone while driving when she hit a nine-year-old boy named Jorge Cruz Jr. The boy died in the hostpital during that same day and his parents soon filed a lawsuit for vehicular manslaughter against Rebecca. She ended up paying the boy's funeral and hospital expenses, paying a $2,800 fine, accomplishing community service for 750 hours, having her license suspended for a year, for probation in three years, and she had to do a public announcement. Today, Rebecca is married to co-actor Eric Dane and has a dog named Teacup. All her projects were terminated after the accident. She was born in Hazard, Kentucky on August 12, 1971.

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