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Renee O'Connor bio
Renee O’Connor: Born February 15, 1971 as Evelyn Renee O’Conner in Katy Texas, Renee was best recognized in her TV appearance for “Xena: The Warior Princess” (1995-2001) production as Gabrielle. At 16, she had begun her TV career doing commercial for McDonalds and Exxon. Renee later landed a role in a Disney serial for the “New Mickey Mouse Club” labeled “Teen Angel” afterwards did “Tales from the Crypt's” entitled “Match Point”. Her demo for the role of Deneira in the adventure “Hercules and the Lost Kingdom” was caught by producers Sam Raimi and Robert G. Tapert who favored her that they signed her in a starring appearance in Darkman II: The Return of Durant that gave way to her role as Gabrielle with Lucy Lawless as Xena. O’ Conner started ROC Pictures her own film production establishment, she’s also active in Renee O’ Conner Outreach Fund and Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

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