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Rosa Blasi bio
Rosa Blasi is famous for her witty tongue and sex appeal . The hot Latina was born on December 19, 1972, and she grew up boyish in nature from Chicago. Many say this attributed to her cheerful demeanor. She started her career in theaters at the age of 8. Soon thereafter, she had many productions in her portfolio that includes the highly-regarded Piven Theater Workshop. Rosa was also trained to sing in mezzo soprano, and as a singer, she has worked with Kenny Rogers. The stage proved to be great for Rosa. However, she wanted more. She tried to go on television. Fortunately, she landed a role in The Bold and the Beautiful. She did other guest appearances on television shows: Lost on Earth, Married... with Children, and High Tide. Most notably, she was on the television show the Hitz. Today, she is known for her sexy poses in various men's magazines and her role as Dra. Luisa Delgado in the lifetime hit series Strong Medicine.

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