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Roxanne Mckee bio
Roxanne McKee: An English model and performer, Roxanne McKee be born within Worthing, England on August 10, 1980. After attending Royal Holloway, University of London through a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Policy and Political Studies (2001), Mckee found fame in winning the “Hollyoaks on the Pull” for searching a new talent for a British soap entitled “Hollyoaks” (2005-2008). McKee has landed within an assortment of guest star roles within TVprograms such as “Katie and Peter: Unleashed”, “Lily Allen and Friends” and “The Paul O’Grady Show”. McKee was featured in Taoi Cruz’s music video “She’s like a Star” (2008). In 2009, she has small roles in a Johannes Robert’s horror movie, in BBC “The Persuasionists” and became the face of “Clothes Live Show”. In 2010, McKee has trivial role in “EastEnders: E20” and “Lip Service”. July 2010 it be announced to she will be part of an HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

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