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Saffron Burrows bio
Saffron Burrows: An English Actress plus previous model, Saffron Dominique Burrow was born on October 22, 1972 in London, England. Her profession happened as she be exposed by Beth Boldt a modeling manager furthermore started as a successful fashion model. Via 1993, she completed her debut movie “In the Name of Fathers”. Her picture credits contain “Circle of Friends”, “The Matchmaker”, “Wing Commander”, “Deep Blue Sea”, “Peter Pan” as the voice narrator, “Troy” as Andromache, “Perfect Creature” and recently “Shrink”. She also made “The Guitar” and “The Bank Job” to both debuted in the Sundance Film Festival. Burrow also made TV guest in shows such like ”Cold Lazarus”, “Boston Legal” for 20 episode as Lorraine Weller and lately “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” as Det. Megan Wheeler were she replaced Julianne Nicholson. Burrow is also the Vice President of the National Civil Rights Movements and made campaigns for disabled equality and rights.

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