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Samantha Fox bio
Talk about your mother talking your pictures and then sending it to magazines, so you could be famous and rich someday. For Samantha Fox, it sure did happen. Samantha Karen Fox is a former glamour model turned into a dance-pop singer. She was born in Mile End, London on April 15, 1966. As the story goes, her mother indeed sent alluring photos of her daughter to The Sunday People in 1983. During that time, the magazine was holding a contest for the Face and Shape of the Year. That was when her modeling career skyrocketed. She even posed her first topless stint, with the support of her parents, in the newspaper The Sun that same year. Unfortunately for her fans though, she last appeared in her birthday suit on 1996 in Playboy. This, however, wasn't the end of her career. Today, although retired from modeling, Samantha is an active dance-pop diva, and she occasionally shows up in movies and television shows.

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