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Sarah Carter bio
Sarah Carter: A Canadian actress born within Toronto, Canada on October 30, 1980 except be raised within Winnipeg, Manitoba. Carter attended Balmoral Hall School where she be part of the Debate Team also was hailed one of the pinnacle 3 public speakers in the world. Carter studied in Ryerson Theater School where she was revealed reciting a monologue from HBO movie “Gia’ (1998). Carter’s first guest role was in “Wolf Lake” (2001) followed by “Undeclared” (2001), “Dark Angel” (2001), “Back Sash” (2002) her initial main role, “Smallville” (2003) was her breakthrough role, “Entourage” (2004), “Numb3rs” (2004), “Boston Legal” (2005), “Shark” (2006), “Dirty Sexy Money” (2008), “CSI:NY” (2009) on which she has a recurring role and “White Collar” (2010). Carter’s film credits are “Mindstorm” (2001), “Final Destination 2” (2003), “Haven” (2004)“Skinwalker” (2005), “DOA: Dead or Alive” (2006) was her first big film, “Killing Zelda Sparks” (2007) and “The Guru and the Gypsy” (2010).

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