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Sasha Alexander bio
Sasha Alexander: An American performer of Serbian descent, was born Suzana S. Drodnjakovic on May 17, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. She is accredited for her roles as Gretchen Witter as the sibling of Pacey Witter in “Dawson’s Creek” and the female lead for two seasons in NCIS as Agent Caitlin Todd. Sasha attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television before working as an actress. Her TV credits include “Wasteland” (1999), “Dawson’s Creek” (2000-2001), “CSI” (2001), “Presidio Med” (2002), “NCIS” (2003-2005), “The Nine” (2006), “House” (2009) and currently “Rizolli and Isles” (2010) since Maura Isles a Boston medical examiner. Alexander’s film credits include “Lucky 13” (2005), a trivial role in “Mission Impossible III” (2006), “Yes Man” (2008), “He’s Just Not Into You” (2009), “Love Happens” (2009) and “Coming and Going” (2010). Alexander is wedded to Director Edoardo Ponti with child Lucia Sofia and they’re expecting they’re second child this 2011.

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