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Severina Vuckovic bio
Known widely for her scandalous sex tape that spread to the public’s domain during 2004, Severina Vuckovic’s fame catapulted instantaneously like a rocket that’s off to space. Born on April 21, 1972 in Split, Severina broke through the Croatian pop music industy in 1989 and has been one of the most prominent Croatian artists in history apart from post-modern pianist, Maxim. Severina’s musical sensibilities have been mainly influenced by folk and cabaret-style dynamics. This unique style earned her many music festival-awards plus her albums ranked on top of record sales. Her plethora of hit songs included Kad si sam, Dalmatinka, Djevojka sa sela, Ja samo pjevam, Paloma Nera, Virujen u te, Ante, Adio ljube, Hrvatica, Adam i Seva, Moja štikla, Krivi spoj. With numerous hit songs that struck chords in the hearts of Croatians, she then released a Greatest Hits album in 2005, and in the suceeding year, she won in the Dora 2006 Festival with the single “Moja Stikla”, which made her Croatia’s representative in the 2006 Eurovision Song Conest in Athens, Greece. She finished in the 13th place with 56 points in this contest.

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