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Born in the glorious land of Augsburg, Bavaria in Germany during the 22nd day of April 1967, Sheryl Lee had managed to successfully break into mainstream success with her role as Laura Palmer and Madeleine Ferguson on the smashing cult TV series, Twin Peaks and its prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Although Sheryl Lee was born in Germany, she, however, grew up in Colorado, U.S.A. where she finished her secondary education in Fairview High School in 1985. Sheryl Lee has also had several acting stints in feature films such as Vampires, Kingpin, and Backbeat where she played the character of a professional photographer, Astrid Kirchherr. In 2004, Sheryl Lee was the prime choice for the role of Mary-Alice Young on Desperate Housewives. This should have been the second time she would have taken on a role as a dead person; however, the show's producers chose to replace her with Brenda Strong.

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