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Sissy Spacek bio
Oscar’s Best Actress Awardee, Sissy Spacek is also named as Mary Elizabeth Spacek. Spacek’s birth date is December 25, 1949 (Quitman, Texas). She stands 5’2 with blonde hair and color green eyes. Spacek parents are Virginia Frances and Edwin Arnold Spacek, Sr. (county agricultural agent). Spacek is a singer in nature; she won in a competition for singer and songwriters at 17 years old. Spacek’s trademarks are the following; her role in “Coal Miner’s Daughter film” (Loretta Lynn) and her character in “Carrie” (Carrie White). Spacek appeared in the big screen movies such as “Bandlands” in 1973, “Welcome to L.A.” in 1976, “Heartbeat” in 1980, “The Long Walk Home” in 1990, “The Grass Harp” in 1995, “Midwives” in 2001,“Last Call” in 2002, “The Ring Two” in 2005, “Pictures Of Hollis Wood” in 2007 and many more great films. Spacek is living with Jack Fisk (Director), Schuyler Fisk and Madison Fisk (children).

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