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Sophia Loren bio
This 5’8 ˝ Italian national with color dark brown hair and color hazel eyes is Sophia Loren or Sofia Villani Scicolon in birth name is a famous actress. Loren’s birth date is September 20, 1934 (Clinica Regina Margherita, Rome, Italy). Loren’s parents are Romilda Villani and Riccardo Scicolone (engineer). Loren’s trademarks are the following; The Marilyn Monroe of Italy, grabbed International awards (50 and more) and grabbed 23 awards for her role in the movie, “Two Men”. Loren appeared in the big screen movies and TV show like “I am the Capataz” in 1950, “Magician for Force” in 1951, “I Dream of Zorro” in 1952, “Two Nights with Cleopatra” (1953), “The Key” in 1958, “It started in Naples” (1959), “Marriage Italian Style” (1964), “A special day” (1977), “Nine” in 2009 and other more nice shows. Loren's husband is Carlo Ponti, and gave birth to Edoardo Ponti and Carlo Ponti Jr.

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