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Susan Sarandon bio
Multi-award winning actress Susan Sarandon was born on the bustling city of New York. She spent most of her childhood together with her parents Philip Leslie Tomalin and Lenora Marie Criscione, and grew up as the oldest of the ten children in a large pre-dominantly Catholic family. Susan Sarandon graduated from Edison High School in 1964 and then went to The Catholic University of America to take up a B.A. in drama from 1964 to 1968. Her acting career began in 1969 when she went to a casting call for the motion picture Joe. Susan wasnít able to land the part, but on the other hand, she was able to secure a major role in a film which was released in 1970 where she played a disaffected teen that disappears into the seedy underworl. She then played bit roles after that film. After five more years, Susan appeared as a female lead in The Great Waldo Pepper together with Robert Redford. She then received various Oscar and Academy Awards for her acting stints during the 1990ís.

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