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Susan Ward bio
Susan Ward was born as Michelle Susan Ward on April 15, 1976 in the humble town of Monroe, Louisiana. She exhibited large potential in the realm of acting since she was little. And by the age of 13, she left school and started modeling in New York. After a few years of staying in the Big Apple, Susan Ward decided to try her luck in the realm of acting. She was able to get her breakout role as the heroine on Aaron Spelling’s daytime soap opera Sunset Beach, where she played the heroine Meg Cummings. She then had a radical image makeover in the pursuit of establishing a movie career, which involved her having breast implants plus other cosmetic surgeries. Her movie career in 2001 also started to take a rather radical move with her appearance in the hit movie Shallow Hal. She also managed to land three acting jobs in the succeeding months. Susan Ward had also made several guest appearances in four TV series, the most notable of which was in Friends.

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