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Tammin Sursok bio
This South African-Australian national named Tammin Pamela Sursok is a celebrity, famous actress, a singer, guitaruist, composer and a musician. Tammin stands 5’6 with dark blonde hair and color hazel eyes. Tammin’s birth date is August 19, 1983 (Johannesburg, Africa). Tammin’s parents are Julie Sursok and Daryl. Tammin appeared in the big screen movies and TV shows such as “Home and Away: Secrets and the City” in 2002, “Aquamarine” in 2006, “Rules of Engagement” in 2007, “The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” in 2008, “The Young and the Restless” in 2007 to 2009, “Spectacular!” in 2009, “Sleepaway Camp Reunion” in 2010, “Pretty Little Liars” in 2010 and many more great shows. Tammin achieved the awards for “Most Popular New Female Talent” (2001) by Logie Awards. Tammin debut single as a singer is entitled, “Pointless Relationship” which became a strike; it traded more than 70,000 copies and atop in ARIA charts.

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