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Tara King bio
Played by Canadian actress Linda Thorson, Tara King was a fictional character in the 1960's hit television series, The Avengers. She was one of the assistants of secret agent, John Steed. The fictional character, Tara King, was primarily introduced in the 1968 episode entitled as "The Forget-Me-Knot" as a recently recruited agent who works for "Mother", who is agent John Steed's wheelchair-bound superior. She was initially in pursuit of Steed, who then turned into the enemy later on in the series but was soon again won over by the good side. By the end of the episode, Emma Peel's long-lost husband location was found, so she was prompted to take a leave to go to her husband. Because of this Mother assigned Tara King to be secret agent John Steed's new partner. Tara King was the last recruit of the "Avenger" series for the subsequent episodes continued to fall on the ratings game of the U.S. television industry.

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