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Tia Carrere bio
Tia Carrere is a mixture of many cultures -- Hawaiian, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese -- that only defined her features as a cut above the rest. Born in Hawaii, this actress who possess one of the most gorgeous complexions in Hollywood started entering the circus-like entertainment biz at 17 through a Star Search gig. From there, she was picked up for a daytime drama titled "General Hospital"and moved on to perform in film projects like "Wayne's World", "True Lies", "Relic Hunter", and many others. She is also unforgettable in her voicing stint for "Lilo and Stitch", everybody's favorite Hawaiian-themed animated movie. On the personal front, Carrere married and is now divorced from Elie Samaha, a producer of many of her little known films. She is currently sharing pretty good parenting chores with husband number 2, Simon Wakelin, with whom she has a child. Carrere may be absent from the movie front but she is nevertheless busy with other projects, releasing an album called "Dream" and performing at the dance floor with a professional dancer for "Dancing with the Stars".

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