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Toni Braxton's multiple Grammy trophies should be able to explain her music prowess in a snap. By looking deeply on her colorful career, however, fans find themselves doubly impressed on the achievements and recognitions that this Maryland-born singer was able to tuck neatly under her belt. Braxton's soft voice and songwriting skills put her on top of the charts with her songs widely heard in the airwaves. A few of her memorable songs include her first single "The Good Life", her first top 10 Billboard hit "Another Sad Love Song", her first top five Billboard hit "Breathe Again", and one of her songwriting treasures"How Could An Angel Break My Heart". Braxton suffered a couple of setbacks during late 1990s but rose anew with a vengeance when she released "The Heat", her third album by Babyface's LaFace Records. "The Heat" piled up more awards and recognitions for Braxton including multiplatinums, MTV trophies, and Billboard rankings. At present, Braxton is fixing her lawsuits against Blackground label's Barry Hankerson.

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