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Traci Bingham bio
"Baywatch" babe Traci Bingham credits her good looks to a mixed origins of African, Italian, and American. She was born in Massachusetts to an African-Italian mother and a native American father on January 13th, 1968. She was enrolled as a Psychology student but later on realized that such profession is not suited to her colorful character. Bingham then switched her attention to the entertainment biz. A couple of television appearances and a movie later, she found herself signed in to play Jordan Tate in the wildly popular TV series of the 90s, "Baywatch". She also made waves in the print world for her "Playboy" stints as well as in advertising for her endorsements. Post-"Baywatch", Bingham moved on to reality shows including the 2006 edition of "Celebrity Big Brother" where her supposed fling with ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman allegedly occurred. Apparently, the actress-model is engaged to a certain John Edward Yarbrough.

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