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Uschi Digard bio
Uschi Digard formerly worked as a model and actress who got her taste of popularity in the adult entertainment industry. Her ultra sexy body, highlighted by huge breasts, got her into it with many successful film projects and magazine covers. Digard's career in the business spanned almost three decades, which started in her native Sweden. Her proficiency in foreign languages like German, Spanish, and Italian came as an added attraction that further defined her exquisite beauty and skills. Although most of her movies required less speaking parts, she was able to showcase her amazing accent whenever she was given the chance. "Getting Into Heaven," a soft-core porn comedy, is a good project that flaunted her skills. After conquering Sweden's erotic movie business, Digard went on to conquer the American viewers. She instantly became Russ Meyer's favorite, starring in what soon made up the " Golden Era of Porn". Interestingly, the retired actress is settled in a Palm Springs home with her husband.

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