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Valeria Golino bio
Italian-born sexy actress Valeria Golino graced the entertainment business first as a hottie teen model. She then went on to make her maiden movie, "Joke of Destiny," in 1984 and never looked back since. Golino's knowledge on different languages brought her international stardom, appearing in films with suggestive titles like "Little Summer," "Love Story," and "Last Summer in Tangiers." It was in 1988, however that the five feet, five inches tall thespian was able to conquer Hollywood through a winning role in Oscar Best Picture "Rain Man" as leading actor Tom Cruise's girlfriend. That leading lady role was followed by another one this time with Paul Reubens in "Big Top Pee-Wee." The big switch to comedy came when Golino was asked to appear in two "Hot Shots" movies in early 1990s, which portrayed her playful humor through her animated delivery of lines. Golino's post-"Hotshots" fame seen her juggling film assignments in America, Europe, and Italy. Her last declared assignment was an Italian flick under Fabrizio Bentivoglio titled "Lascia Perdere, Johnny".

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