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Valerie Kaprisky bio
Valerie Kaprisky is a French-born actress who used her appearances in soft-porn flicks to create a name for herself in the entertainment business. Kaprisky's role in 1982's "Aphrodite" took Hollywood by storm and by the following year, she has already secured a film side-by-side the enigmatic actor Richard Gere in a remake of the "A Bout de Souffle" with the American title "Breathless." Aside from being her first American film, "Breathless" also stirred controversies linking the actress to her leading man with whom Kaprisky allegedly had a wild romantic escapade. But if it did a lot on her personal life, "Breathless" didn't do much for the critics. The movie got ugly reviews, which prompted Kaprisky to return to her native land and concentrate on her career there. Since 2004, the actress was mostly busy on doing assignments in French TV including "L'Homme de mon choix," "Moitié-moitié," "Jaurès, naissance d'un géant," and "Galilée".

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