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Vanessa Marcil bio
Vanessa Marcil's fascinating features is credited from her Fench, Italian, Portuguese and Mexican blood. She was born in California on the 15th of October, 1968. Her parents named her after the legendary thespian Vanessa Redgrave, probably foreseeing what lies ahead for their beautiful babe. Marcil was acting in theater when she got the award-winning Brenda Barrett role for the daytime drama "General Hospital". She followed it up with appearances in TV's "To Love, Honor and Deceive", "High Incident", "Beverly Hills 90210", and "Las Vegas". Marcil made her first film, 1996's "The Rock", with famed Hollywood actors Ed Harris, Nicolas Cage, and Sean Connery, then settled for indie assignments later on. On the personal front, Marcil was previously linked with actors Corey Feldman, whom she married in secret in Las Vegas; Tyler Christopher, her costar in "General Hospital"; and Brian Austin Green, who gave her a son in 2002.

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