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Vanessa Williams bio
Vanessa Williams was born on the 18th of March, 1963 in the fashionable city of New York. Her middle-class family sent her to Syracuse University to obtain a degree in Theater Arts but the call of destiny is far more inviting so she put her books aside and grabbed the microphone. Armed with her African-American grace and beauty, Williams went on to conquer the Miss America pageant and before the 1980's ended, secured for herself a promising music career. "The Right Stuff", relased in 1988, was Williams's maiden album. It was followed by seven more, which earned her a total of fifteen Grammy nods, several Tony nominations, and numerous multiplatinum awards. Her more popular singles include "Save the Best for Last" and Colors of the Wind. On the camera front, Williams made successful projects both in TV ("Saturday Night Live", "Ally Macbeal", and "Ugly Betty") and movies ("Eraser" and "Shaft").

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