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Venus Williams bio
1980 baby Venus Williams was born in California. Her tennis skills brought her to play pro at 14. During all those years that she played against top seeded, senior players, she has made all the breaks to go for herself, which was responsible for all the grandslam titles and accolades she proudly carries in her bag. When Williams faced fellow tennis pro sister Serena in the Australian Open in 2003, many kibitzers found themselves excited as to whom will prevail, the younger but firm Serena or the all-seasoned Venus. In the end, Serena prevailed and many Venus fans got dismayed. Good thing, the older Williams followed up that loss with a successful take at the Proximus Diamond Games. But 2003 was simply a bad year. The oldest Williams sister, Yetunde Price was murdered in California and both Serena and Venus suffered bodily injuries, which kept them on the sidelines the rest of the year. When Venus came back in 2004, the tides brought her to both the highs and lows of her career.

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