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Viviana Greco bio
Alluring Viviana Greco is an Argentinian model, showgirl, and actress who never failed to impress her stable of loyal fans and viewers. Her exquisitely stunning looks brought her celebrity status instantly. While fans enjoy Greco's charming smile and attractive body, they also savor her acting skills, which have been showcased in numerous adult flicks. As womanly as the girl appears, she is a great fan of soccer who constantly root for the Boca Juniors. Gabriel Batistuta is the ultimate soccer player that Greco adores deeply. All of Greco's movie assignments are inclined in the adult film cluster and along with it came her unbelievable popularity in the Internet community. Her fabulous photos can be seen online along with tasteful samples of some of her more memorable flicks. Aside from modeling and acting, Greco has also snatched product endorsements like the Omnitel Vonafone, which had chosen her as the company spokesperson.

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