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Xenia Seeberg bio
German model and actress Xenia Seeberg was born on April 4, 1972 in Geldern am Niederrhein. She has armed herself with exquisite thespian skills by enrolling in acting classes in The Art's Studio and Lee Strasberg School with a goal of venturing into movies after gaining fair popularity in the modeling circuit. Aside from performing, Seeberg also keeps two important degrees in Philosophy and Latin, which will definitely do wonders for her when her star's shine dwindles. Her earlier projects include European films such as "Farinelli" before moving on to Hollywood to appear in numerous TV shows and movies. She was in the TV series "Total Recall 2070" and also appeared in some notable films such as "Beyond the Limits," "Lord of the Undead," "Clown, Der," and "So, You've Downloaded a Demon." At present, Seeberg is living the family life while doing seasonal projects on the side. She has been married to Sven Martinek since 2003.

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