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Yuliya Mayarchuk bio
Yuliya Mayarchuk is a European model and film actress who hailed from Odessa, Ukraine where she was born sometime in April, 1979. She is currently in Italy doing rounds of acting in adult-oriented flicks while being featured in illustrious nude photo shoots. With her stunning, exotic looks, it is no wonder that photographers dig Mayarchuk's pretty face. She exudes a different kind of sexiness, which can be attributed to her gorgeous accent. She was featured in a couple of films like 1999's "Sogno;" 2000's "Trasgredire" and "Faccia di Picasso;" and 2002's "Italiano, L'." Mayarchuk's work in television include 2000's "Squadra, La," 2002's "Carabinieri," and 2003's "Soldati di pace." Mayarchuk is currently absent in the limelight but her wide fan base are contented by looking into her many provocative pictures that can be found on the Internet. She has also been widely searched for her performances in adult videos.

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