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Zhang Ziyi bio
Even if you aren't a fan of Chinese cinema, you're bound to recognize the beautiful Zhang Ziyi. Though she is the most successful Asian actress in Hollywood today, Zhang (her last name) actually built her reputation in Chinese drama films. Her first starring role was in the classic "The Road Home," directed by the legendary Zhang Yimou (no relation). However, Western audiences saw this graceful young beauty for the first time in the epic "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which was seen by many Chinese historians as a successful comeback for the "wuxia" film style. Zhang then proceeded to appear as Hu Li, a villain in "Rush Hour 2," alongside Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker. Returning to the form and style of "Crouching Tiger," she then played a part in "Hero," opposite Asian martial arts star Jet Li. Her singing talent was used along with her acting talent in the film "House of Flying Daggers," where she sang a traditional poem for the OST. Her most recent showing in a Hollywood production came in the movie version of the Arthur Golden masterpiece "Memoirs of a Geisha."

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